Sambali Beach Farm raises chickens and pigs in an all-organic, humane, and caring environment. They are housed in spacious pens located by the produce, and are slaughtered in a separate location, in the most painless and sanitary process possible.

All livestock from the Farm is naturally raised, which means the chickens and pigs are fed with natural feeds and other natural supplements. Wood vinegar products are also applied to the livestock to ensure that their pens are clean and without flies. This method also allows for the pig pens to be odorless, which is highly uncommon. The entire process of raising the livestock is organic, which results in meat that is without pesticides, preservatives, and is overall better for the environment and the consumer.

Apart from standing by a commitment to organic livestock, the Farm employs a group of women to slaughter and dress the chickens raised in the farm, in the hope of empowering  them and provide additional income. The farm, led by its founder Ching, trains these women little by little with an ongoing program.